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    Imperial Bedrooms Cover and Synopsis

    Thanks to a tipster, we now have a cover and synopsis for Imperial Bedrooms (link is a PDF). Because the PDF is located in an international site for Random House, its possible that the cover we are seeing is not what the final US edition will look like. Here's the cover, and the synopsis is after the jump:

    All blockquoted text below is from Random House.

    Twenty-five years have passed since the events chronicled in Less Than Zero, and Clay Easton, now a successful screenwriter, has returned from a brief stint in New York City to Los Angeles, where he's helping to cast his newest movie, The Listeners. But the more things have changed, the more they stay the same, and Clay is soon drifting around in his familiar old circle. There's his vulnerable former girlfriend, Blair, and her husband, Trent, now a high-powered agent but still a bisexual philanderer; and the parties they host at their Beverly Hills mansion are filled with Hollywood types of various levels of fame and fortune and power. There's his childhood friend Julian, a recovering addict running an ultra-discreet, high-class escort service, and their old dealer Rip Millar, reconstructed and face-lifted nearly beyond recognition, who nowadays is involved in activities far more sinister than those of his notorious past.

    But Clay has demons of his own, and they threaten to destroy him once he becomes involved with Rain Turner, a gorgeous, much younger actress whom he has promised a role in his movie, exploiting her as best he can until he grows emotionally attached. Before long he realizes she has mysterious connections to not only Julian and Rip but also Kelly Montrose, a producer whose gruesomely violent death is suddenly very much the talk of the town. And as Clay's life spirals out of control, he is forced to plumb the dark recesses of his character and fully come to terms with his capacity for betrayal.

    As bleak and stylish as the era-defining Less Than Zero, Imperial Bedrooms will be the book of the season for Bret's devoted fans and should also win him a whole new generation of readers.

    November 24, 2009
    Category: Imperial Bedrooms
    Comments: 49 (add yours)
    Comments continued below.

    Previous Comments

    [1] On Nov-24-2009, Andy wrote:

    Amazon says its just 224 pages. Was hoping for longer, but quality is what matters eh? :)

    [2] On Nov-25-2009, jimmy wrote:

    It's most likely his most minimalist work since Less Than Zero. If you read Lunar Park, he hinted at wanting to trim the fat off his more bloated stuff anyway, so it would only make sense to do that here, with a sequel to his leanest stuff.

    [3] On Nov-25-2009, Mitch wrote:

    Please be good...please be good...please be good...please...

    [4] On Nov-25-2009, K wrote:

    That cover... ugh. Abysmal.

    [5] On Nov-27-2009, QWERT wrote:

    yeah, i really hope that's not the cover they go with over here. it's worse than the lunar park cover.

    [6] On Nov-30-2009, KilometersDavis wrote:

    Who gives a shit about the cover. It looks, and probably is, just a weak and quick shot of Ellis with devil horns. Caring about a cover so much will land you as yet another materialistic, whiny character in one of his books. Is the cover of 'Infinite Jest' or 'Ulysses' anything special? No, and they top anything Bret will ever write - no, I am not a 'hater', for I do like his work.

    [7] On Nov-30-2009, Al wrote:

    "They had movie a movie about us" and Clay working in movies sounds like an exciting continuation of Ellis' use of tv/film throughout his novels. In LTZ it was the gang rape thing which might have been Daniel's screenplay, in AP almost all of Bateman's similes are "like in a movie" and in Glamorama there was the competing film crews. I really hope this doesn't disappoint.

    [8] On Nov-30-2009, QWERT wrote:

    uh, I think a person can have an opinion about a book's cover without it necesarily meaning that they're superficial or materialistic. Nor does their having an opinion on a book's cover imply that they believe the cover to be an indicator of a book's quality. You made a pretty big jump in logic.

    [9] On Dec-03-2009, georgy wrote:

    damnnn that cover is ugly, why ?!!?

    [10] On Dec-03-2009, georgy wrote:

    let me design it, it would be awesome

    [11] On Dec-05-2009, Mike wrote:

    When does it come out?

    [12] On Dec-08-2009, Patrick wrote:

    I like the cover. It's cool. And it really does matter. Sadly, it often decides whether or not readers wo don't necessarily know the author will buy the book. It shouldn't be a big deal, but it is. I think this one makes a statement.

    [13] On Dec-15-2009, Anonymous wrote:

    Let me get this straight? Clay 'Easton'...
    I know Bret said he had based the character on himself, but still..
    It better be good! If not then I don't even want to begin to think about how potentialy dissapointed i will be next May!

    [14] On Dec-19-2009, Mitch wrote:

    Is it safe to say that because the "official" BEE website run by Random House hasn't got any news about this new book, and there is yet to be a release date for this book, Imperial Bedrooms isn't going to taken seriously enough?

    [15] On Dec-23-2009, Niall wrote:

    I'm sooo excited

    [16] On Dec-29-2009, Jeff wrote:

    Wow, what a disgusting cover. Looking forward to the book though.

    [17] On Dec-30-2009, Kristina wrote:

    I can't wait for it......The cover means nothing. None of his covers have been spectacular, but who really cares? The novels always rock. I love the way he writes.

    [18] On Jan-02-2010, Barbie wrote:

    Are you kidding me? The covers are the best part of Ellis's novels!

    [19] On Jan-03-2010, g wrote:

    i heard it's coming out in may. but release dates are always subject to change. i'm also not thrilled about the cover. bret's my favorite novelist, but when is he ever going to come out with a totally new idea and stop using the same characters over and over again?

    [20] On Jan-12-2010, S wrote:

    the way he uses the same network of characters is sort of the whole point...

    [21] On Jan-12-2010, andreas wrote:

    I'm waiting for it and I really don't want to be dissapointed. After American Psycho he hasn't write anything good. With his 2 books (Less and Psycho) he was the most promising writer at the end of the century

    [22] On Jan-13-2010, Mitch wrote:

    Glamorama is as good if not as better than American Psycho. Lunar Park was his departure from satire, and I understand his desire to write something different, but horror is not his best genre. I also understand that Ellis personally is undergoing a new direction in his life, what with his return to LA. All I hope is that Imperial Bedrooms will be new in respect to prose and plot. I do not want this new novel to be Less Than Zero 2, but a novel that will be just as good if you have not read his first book.

    [23] On Jan-16-2010, kim wrote:

    is this blog dead?

    [24] On Jan-16-2010, mitch wrote:

    It most certainly is if Imperial Bedrooms does not renew any faith in fans for the future of Ellis.

    [25] On Jan-19-2010, chad wrote:

    Mitch, Lunar Park was not a departure from just had a different setting.The book was very funny, I laught out loud several times in a library (very embarrising)

    [26] On Jan-20-2010, mItch wrote:

    Chad, it was...American Pyscho was a satire on the Wall Street of the late 80s and Glamorama was a satire on the fashion industry of the 90s. Both these books have to do with more than just Wall Street or fashion, but essentially they are books of satire, where as Lunar Park is...well frankly if Ellis has written a bad book that would be it...if Lunar Park is a satire then it could only be a satire on Ellis himself, but the problem with Lunar Park is that it is a self-apology, and Ellis is not good at saying sorry. Also, horror is too overt in the book, where as in Less Than Zero or in The Informers the horror is merely acknowledged but not paid any attention, not paid too much attention. It is just my personal opinion that Ellis is better at satire than anything else only because to me his strength is definitively not in any other genre, especially not in himself. And I get the feeling Imperial Bedrooms is not going to be a satire on Hollywood, which, on one hand, I hope not, because I'm getting sick and tired of behind-the-scenes, "real" Hollywood stories - it's a really overused, overdone subject.

    [27] On Jan-25-2010, Pete wrote:

    Mitch, Lunar Park satirises the cult of celebrity. It is self-satire as you note, but it also satirises the way that Bret is portrayed by the media. The Jayne Dennis marriage sections, partying with Jay McInnerney scene, etc, are all satires of both the bloated lives of celebrities and the way the media embellishes/glamorises them.

    One small example: there is a scene where one of Bret's children is going to a birthday party. The children invited to the party have to attend a 'pre-birthday party' the week before the real thing so that any problems (food dislikes, etc) can be found out about and dealt with before the real birthday. This is laugh out loud satire of the LA lifestyle/overprotective parenting, etc.

    I'm no big fan of authors writing themselves into their own novels (it infuriates me when Martin Amis does it for no obvious reason) but I find it works in Lunar Park because it's central to the plot (and done in a self-depreciating way). It's tongue-in-cheek rather than an apology.

    [28] On Jan-26-2010, mitch wrote:

    You make valid points Chad...I just find it a pity that Lunar Park was tongue-and-cheek...I've been reading Joan Didion, Ellis' influence, and what makes her so unique is her confession that she does not think she is a good enough writer, that she the stories she tells do not have a simple narrative...I expected Lunar Park, for all its satire, to reveal how Ellis feels about writing itself, and though he does mention this in parts in the book he does not cement this. It almost reads like fan-fiction. Somebody wrote on this feed that Ellis once seemed to be the most promising writer of his, not so. Again, it's a pity...but perhaps I'm alone thinking this.

    [29] On Feb-11-2010, jack wrote:

    192 pages?
    Hope that is a misprint - I don't need it to be super long or anything, but wow, that's a day or two of reading for 5 years of waiting.
    Looking forward to it regardless of length, only a few more months now!!

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